Integration of third country nationals in Lithuania “Welcome”

During the year of 2009 we were busy carrying out a project whose aim was to bend the society towards a more positive view on third country nationals’ integration. The number of international migrants in Lithuania is expected to rise, yet the locals retain an adamantly negative view of foreigners living here. No institution coordinating their integration exists in Lithuania, thus with this project we endeavoured to contribute to preparing Lithuanians for living with and trusting people originating from countries outside the EU.

Most of our activities during that year – we created an educational virtual space, travelled the country’s towns, their schools and local events with debates, music, food and ‘living library’ events – were of informational character. They introduced local people with countries from which most immigrants come and their culture, as well as to the phenomenon of migration, its causes and circumstances. At the end of the year we published an educational publication “What should I do if my neighbour is a newcomer?”

More about the project at:

Period implementation time – 2009.


Project manager Artūras Rudomanskis

Tel. +370 683 04748, el. p. arturas [eta]

Project coordinator Andrius Dubinas

Tel. +370 5 261 84 83, el. p. info [eta]


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