Intercultural Competence as target of General Education Programs 2014

Recently initiatives of integrating paradigms of Multicultural and Intercultural Education into the System of General Education have appeared in Lithuania. The directives of Ministry of Education determine the integration of Intercultural learning into School curriculum as optional.


Therefore its implementation in public schools depends mostly on teachers’ will. As a result Intercultural learning is most often reduced to superficial and less intricate topics (like ethnographic diversity, languages, etc), social issues and especially LGBT issues being expelled almost entirely from the notion of Diversity of Society. LGBT issues are successfully avoided in all levels of General Education System with rare exceptions of personal initiatives of teachers and school pupils. Accordingly, the environment of General Education System stays deeply homophobic.

Therefore main aim of the Project is to prepare proposals for Legal Changes regarding Intercultural Education in the General Education System.


1. To collect Information, Good Practices and Human Resources necessary for developing of the proposal.
2. To prepare and register the Proposal for Legal Changes.
3. To publicize the importance of including the Intercultural Learning into General Education System both to Society and LGBT community.


Project Organizations:
Tolerant Youth Association in cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg fondation

Project duration:
August 2013 – December 2014.

Project leader:
Artūras Rudomanskis, arturas [e]


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