Youth for competent discussion: countering LGBT myths and stereotypes in Public Discourse

LGBT issues are often met with repulse and ignorance in public discourse because of prevailing myths and stereotypes. Therefore the measures aiming at effectively struggling myths and stereotypes in public discourse must be taken so to promote efficiency of public discussion focusing on LBGT issues.

Thus the main aim of the project is to develop such measures – the Instrument to enable LGBT activists to counter the myths and stereotypes effectively in public discussions (further – the Instrument). This will be achieved by, firstly, creating a basis for development of the Instrument, secondly, creating the Instrument and, thirdly, making the Instrument available, usable and attractive for the LGBT activists to exercise. The basis for development of the Instrument will be provided by Tolerant Youth Association by gathering information, human recourses and motivated participants, preparing and implementing Youth trainings. The Instrument will be created by motivated and trained Youth activists during peer workshop. The Instrument will be publicized both by print and online  in popular form. The results of the project will be presented publically.

Description of aims which will be met in the project

The range of generally available Information about LGBT issues is getting wider in Lithuania. However there is still a great lack of skilled selection and critical approach towards various pieces/sources of information. This often results in acceptance of mainstream (usually homophobic) position in public discourse, where superficial knowledge mixed with myths and stereotypes prevails and prevents effective discussions. Moreover, often Human Rights defenders are not aware or skilled enough or are in other ways incapable (f. e. lack of time to answer provocative off-topic remarks during public discussions) of fighting myths and stereotypes in public discourse.

Therefore the Project aims to develop an Instrument which would enable LGBT activists to counter successfully the influence of myths and stereotypes in Public Discourse.


1. To collect theoretical and practical Information, Good Practices and Human Resources necessary for developing  the Instrument
2. Development of the Instrument
3. To apply the instrument for public access

Project Organizations:
Tolerant Youth Association in cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg foundation

Project duration:
August – December 2013.

Project leader:
Eglė Tamulionytė, egle [e]


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