Dialogue for promoting LGBT issues in Lithuanian regions

As regards LGBT+ rights activism in Lithuania, a problem of certain passiveness of LGBT+ activists & community outside the biggest cities prevails, underpinned in regions by remoteness from bigger cities, and fear of stigmatization in small communities, inner homophobia and low solidarity level.

The communication among LGBT+ activists in regions is quite closed and scattered and therefore is usually rather unlikely to grow into active movement for LGBT+ rights. Regional activists, as our experience shows, are willing to join activities, run by main bodies of LGBT+ movements, but often lack recourses and skills. Therefore the project aims at initiating educational activities for LGBT+ activists in regions in order to provide local activists with possibility to develop and strengthen useful skills and knowledge about LGBT+ activism. The project involves such activities as training workshops (subjects: public relations, motivating and recruiting activists, working with information on LGBT+ issues, etc.) in regions around Lithuania. 

The Objectives of the Project:

•To form a network of local activists and initiate local activities supporting and advocating LGBT rights on the regional level;

•To exchange experience and achievements to form an agenda for promoting and advocating LGBT rights, in the context of regional problems. 

Project is funded by  Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and implemented by Tolerant Youth Association. 

The duration of the project:

July – December 2014 

Project Coordinator:

Eglė Tamulionytė, egle [e] tja.lt



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