Tolerant Youth association in cooperation with Social – educational initiatives centre PLUS implement the continuous project “Consultation and information centre PLUS”, according to the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals, annual Programme 2013. The aim of the project – to increase opportunities for the integration of foreigners coming from non European countries, providing high quality services, ensuring counseling and information centre PLUS continuity. Project duration: July 1 of 2014- June 30 of 2015.

Project activities:

  • Lithuanian language courses for russian speakers and english speakers
  • Civic education courses for russian speakers and english speakers
  • Services of social worker
  • Services encouraging to participate into labour market
  • Legal (juridical) services
  • Services based on business establishment in Lithuania
  • Services based on migration issues
  • Driving courses
  • Self awareness through Art Therapy
  • Internet Site in Russian, English and Arab languages

Project manager:

Inga Žilinskaitė, inga [e]


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