Rainbow Challenge for LGBT+ rights and possibilities

LGBT+ people in Lithuania are one of the most discriminated groups in the EU. There is a lack of action in the country to improve the situation of LGBT+ rights. LGBT+ rights are perceived differently in both cities and regions, and there is little desire to protect them: due to passive adaptation in cities; for fear of action, lack of contact with supporters; due to strongly expressed internalized homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. There are no inclusive, accessible, and safe measures in Lithuania that would encourage individuals to take an interest and act individually or through associations. The project will address key impact challenges by raising awareness among the LGBT+ community, especially young people, about international human rights standards and equal treatment, respect for HR and equality, and involvement in civic activities to support positive changes in HR and compliance with HR standards.

The main objective of the project is to raise awareness about LGBT+ human rights and equal treatment, enabling LGBT+ youth and other groups in society to take an active interest in human rights issues and engage in public activities in cities and regions.

Project`s target groups: LGBT+ youth (14-29 years old), LGBT+ persons, general education school staff, parents with LGBT+ children, relatives, and LGBT+ straight allies, HR organizations and activists.

The following outcomes are expected to be achieved through the interlinked project activities: publications on specific topics relevant to the LGBT+ community will be issued, and a digital platform for mobile devices will be created, where project participants will be able independently to perform gamificated tasks to improve the situation of LGBT+ rights. The GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) network in Lithuanian schools will be established. Participants will strengthen their capacity in trainings and events.

At the end of the project, an increase in the number of members of civil society, especially among young people from the regions, who will contribute to positive change in the field of HR is expected. The project promoters’ organizations (Tolerant Youth Association and Charity and Support Foundation Frida) will strengthen their capacity, increase organizational sustainability, establish new partnerships through the GSA network, and attract new active members.

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