Different but Unanimous

The project is designed to ensure the institutional and operational development of the association’s activities and its basic administrative needs. In the general activities of the youth organization, this project is one of the most important in order to support the successful development of the association’s activities, ensuring the development of young people’s, members ‘and volunteers’ understanding of human rights and the involvement of units.

The project is closely linked to the long-term strategy of the organization and will contribute to its implementation by strengthening the TJA, ensuring the quality and development of its activities, and will significantly contribute to the development and empowerment of its volunteers and members, young people. The aim is to strengthen the Association of Tolerant Youth, to ensure the quality, continuity and development of activities, creating conditions for developing the competencies of young people and increasing their interest in voluntary social activities.

Project duration: 2021 April – 2022 December.

The project is part of the Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor, funded by the Youth Strengthening Programs in 2021–2022.


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