Publication: LGBT+ history of Lithuania

Since 2019 the Tolerant Youth Association, in collaboration with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, has been active in the field of LGBT+ history in Lithuania – a topic previously considered as irrelevant and “imported” in the public discourse. The TYA has had notable achievements in popularizing LGBT+ history in Lithuania, but there is still a need for a progressive narrative around LGBT+ rights in the historical context.

The French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard argued that in postmodern times small narratives are more compelling and meaningful. Hence the project activity will be set on creating (and popularizing) a short publication devoted to LGBT+ history, that will be rooted in the main frame of Lithuania’s modern history and collective memory.

Phase 1

Compiling and publish a generalized collection of LGBTs + history in Lithuania, which would also sufficiently reflect the contribution of left and left politics in the context of Lithuanian LGBT+ history. The publication with illustrations and analyses will discuss various aspects of LGBT+ in Lithuania until 2020, including law, social movements, politics, aspects of community life, etc.

Book volume: 50-70 A4 pages (A4 ~ 1800 characters)

Number of copies of this edition: 200.

Phase 2

An open event, in the form of a conference/panel discussion, will be organized to present the published book to the public. The format of the event and exact date (September or October) will be determined in consideration of the COVID-19 situation in Lithuania. Around 30 participants – representative of Lithuania cultural, academic and political life – are expected to participate.

Project duration: 2021. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


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