Publications: LGBT+ friendly environment

After the restoration of independence, speaking openly about human rights, especially LGBT+, was a major challenge due to the prevailing stereotypes. Hence, the development of a discourse on LGBT+ rights was limited. In 2020 the topic on LGBT+ is more actively integrated into the public agenda, but still many misunderstanding and misconceptions can be heard/read in the public sphere.

The current situation signals that the involvement of the widest possible range of LGBT+ communities into civic LGBT+ human rights activities requires a community-based information campaign to combat internalized phobias.

This project activity aims to do that, using the tool of easily accessible and understandable magazines.

The publications will provide additional information on human rights issues, and will be distributed and promoted on social networks, human rights events, trainings and online.

Project duration: 2021. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


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