Resilience in Youth Work

The TC Resilience in youthwork draws from resilience counseling with queer and trans people, making this information accessible and practical to apply by youth workers and educators in their daily work with young queer communities. It is full of strategies, practices and activities that one can use to explore the unique resilience in oneself have related to gender and sexual orientation identities, as well as how to navigate life when faced with discrimination. 

During TC participants will experience an intensive theoretical and practical learning process. The workshops enhance not only community building and leadership skills

related to helping others but also getting involved in positive social change. It will give people a voice that enables them to engage and communicate in a new way. Participants will have a chance to experience these benefits for their own development and learn how to provide similar experience to young people they work with.

TC duration: 7 days (+2 travel days)
Grant Agreement No.: 2021-1-RO01-KA153-YOU-000012820
Start of Project : 01/12/2021 (Brussel times)End of Project : 30/11/2023 (Brussel times)Programme : Erasmus+Key Action : Learning Mobility of IndividualsCall : 2021


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