Fight for Yourself – For LGBT Rights

In June 2009 Tolerant Youth Association began the realisation of the ‘Fight for Yourself – for LGBT Rights’ project funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Project is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, its duration is one year.

Our idea:

To provide the LGBT community with educational and psychological information, as well as with social and legal aid, which is necessary in order to strengthen the LGBT community, increase its self-esteem and encourage it to fight for its rights. At the same time, we wish to enhance the understanding of the Lithuanian society of the complexities which belie in human nature and sexuality.

Our aims:

• To strengthen the LGBT community (LGBT and same-sex families, family members and friends of the community) by providing it with information, aid and a safe and reliable virtual space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual persons.

• To contribute to the fight for LGBT rights in the broader context of human rights by providing training for civil servants, encouraging them to fight against homophobia and to implement the principle of equality in Lithuania.

What we do:

• Develop of LGBT community’s web page GayLine – update it with varied professional and valuable information on issues relevant to members the community, their parents, relatives and friends; uploading material for homosexual young persons, especially for those who suffer hate attacks, bullying and degrading treatment in the society, thus trying to educate them, boost their self-esteem and increase their understanding of gender issues.

• Prepare and circulate info-educational publications for the LGBT community and those working with young individuals (including “Bullying at school” and “Help for Parents of Gay Children”).

• Train employees of NGOs working with groups facing discrimination.

• Write and publish specialised articles about issues important to the LGBT community and augmenting society’s understanding of gender issues.

Period of implementation – 2009-2010.


Andrius Dubinas
Project manager
+370 5 2618483
info [@]


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