Tolerant Youth Association operates actively in the field of human rights, also works upon the problems related with refugees, non EU, non EEE countries citizens, sexual minorities and other vulnerable social groups. During the 15 years of existence of the Association many activities have been and are being implemented: educational activities, trainings, related to LGBT, intercultural, human rights, diversity issues, for schoolpupils, teachers, youth, LGBT community, human rights activists; educational and cultural events for vulnerable groups (LGBT, TCN) and society; educational publications, researches; monitoring and advocating human rights, reporting certain cases of its abuse, informning law enforcement authorities of hate speech in public, preparing and proposing draft laws, organizing social and political awareness raising actions and campaigns adressing human rights related topicalities.

TYΔ is as well active in supporting and integration of vulnerable groups, like LGBT, third country nationals, refugees, ethnic minorities. From year 2011 migrants’ information and consulting center has been established by TYΔ, supplying third country nationals with informational, educational support, training social, intercultural activities. It has also served as an impellent for establishment of local African and Arabic communities. TYΔ has been advocating LGBT rights and organizing LGBT community activities from the date of its establishment.

From year 2009 it has been helping organizing and taking part in Baltic Pride. TYΔ is also implementing projects strengthening LGBT activism, advocacy, promoting LGBT friendly discourse.

Implementing its activities TYΔ is cooperating with national and international institutions and organisations.

TYΔ is yet the only youth human rights organization in Lithuania bearing the status of full member of Coalition of Human Rights Organizations. TYΔ is a full member of The Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT). It is also a member of several regional umbrella organisations, such as Vilnius Union of Youth organizations “Round table”, Kaunas Union of Youth NGO’s “Round table”, Siauliai Union of Youth NGO’s “Round table”, as well as a full member of international organizations such as ILGA, IGLYO.

Usual source of finance of TYΔ come from budget finance for implementing projects from European Union funds and Republic of Lithuania, support from EEA (from 2020 Active Citizens Fund, EEE mechanism), Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Municipality of Vilnius, distribution of 1.2 percent of personal income tax, rather small part – from personal donations of members and other private persons.

General meeting of members is the highest governing body, which appoints and cancels collegiate ruling bodies of the Association, also accepts, changes and replenishes regulations statutes and states the activities. 1. General meeting members consist of all 185 TYΔ members. 2. A Board is a collegiate ruling body of the Association, which leads the Association in between the General meetings of members. 3. A Chairperson is a ruling body of Association consisting of one person, who is elected by the Board using open voting and the majority of voices.

What do we aim for?

To develop respect for every person, their choice and opinions.
To encourage respect for various social groups, protection of human rights and integration of minorities.
To unite all open-minded people to work together and strengthen their co-operation with and support for each other, at the same time promoting international co-operation and political activities.

Our vision

Inclusive Youth in a society that respects human rights.

Our values



The Lithuanian word “tolerantiškas” is normally translated into “tolerant”. We nevertheless feel that our values and activities are much more reflected by the word “inclusive” which does not have an equivalent in Lithuanian.


Artūras Rudomanskis, arturas@tja.lt

Members of the Board:

Simona Padegimaitė – Chairperson of the Board
Members: Kornelija Zaicaitė, Artūras Rudomanskis, Domantas Paulauskas.

TJΔ Vilnius Branch

Naktinis Vilniaus avilys / Vilnius Night Hive
Vilniaus st. 22, Vilnius LT-01108
tel. +370 612 01192